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We are excited to present the Team Dynamics BTCC 2022 slick race tyre table, a unique and special item for fans of the team and motorsport enthusiasts. This coffee table combines functionality, aesthetics, and a touch of racing history.

The table features a genuine race tyre used by Team Dynamics in the 2022 BTCC (British Touring Car Championship) season. The tyre has been carefully scraped and cleaned up, ensuring it is ready for display and functional use as a coffee table. The original markings on the side of the tyre, including the drivers’ initials and identifying numbers, are still intact, preserving the authenticity and heritage of the tyre.

The table’s design incorporates a fitted circular glass center, providing a smooth and stable surface for placing items or enjoying beverages. The glass center allows for a clear view of the tire’s markings and adds an elegant touch to the table’s overall appearance.

To make this piece even more special, you have the option to choose an autograph from Matt Neal. The autograph adds a personal and exclusive element, making the table a prized collector’s item.

The ex Team Dynamics BTCC 2022 slick race tyre table offers a unique blend of functionality and memorabilia, allowing you to showcase your passion for motorsport while adding a distinctive and conversation-starting piece to your home or office.

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Signed by:

Matt Neal, Gordon Shedden, Dan Rowbottom


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