Team Dynamics Harness Pad

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The TDM Harness and Seatbelt pad is a versatile accessory designed to provide comfort and padding when using seatbelts or race harnesses. It is specifically designed to fit over seatbelts or harnesses that are up to 2 inches wide. The pad offers more than an inch of luxurious padding, ensuring a comfortable experience during use.

In addition to being suitable for seatbelts and harnesses, the TDM pad can also be used with various other items that have a shoulder strap. This includes baby carriers, backpacks, golf bags, and any other item that utilizes a shoulder strap.

Installing and removing the TDM Harness and Seatbelt pad is a simple process. It features a full-length Velcro attachment, making it easy to secure or remove the pad as needed. This convenient design allows for effortless transfer between different uses, such as moving it from a car seatbelt to a bag strap.

The TDM Harness and Seatbelt pad is sold as a pair, ensuring you have padding for both sides of the seatbelt or harness. This makes it a complete solution for enhancing comfort and reducing pressure during extended periods of use.

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