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The need for clean hands has never been greater than in the current times. When you are away from home, soap and water aren’t always easy to access.

This is why we have introduced Autoglym Hand Sanitiser Gel 100ml, with its improved hydrating formulation.

Formulated to EN1276 and EN1500 standards, Hand Sanitiser Gel is certified to kill 99.999% of bacteria captured on hands. Autoglym Hand Sanitiser Gel is a quick and easy way for you to keep clean and reduce the chance of spreading germs to yourself, others or onto surfaces.

This refreshed formulation dries rapidly reducing spills and runs, making it the perfect companion for on the go. With moistening properties, Autoglym Hand Sanitiser Gel enhances Skin Hydration.

All Autoglym products are dispatched within 5 working days.

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